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Dear Valued Vendor,

The Southern Florida Concierge Association (SFCA) is privileged to have such wonderful and productive relationships within Floridian’s tourism / vendor community. From world-class dining to critically-acclaimed theatre, iconic Museums and Galleries to unrivalled shopping and boutiques, on through the myriad attractions that have made South Florida the world-leader that she is, we are indeed privileged to route our guests to the best that our city has to offer.

We are most appreciative of the indulgences that our vendor community has put at our disposal from the restaurants that invite us to dine to the theatre companies that invite us to shows to the shops that invite us to view their wares.  We are much more authoritative in our recommendation of their fare as a result of these indulgences. When our guests then ask us about a particular restaurant or cuisine, show or exhibit, comedy club or gallery, we can share our experiences and try to recommend the best possible collision of their taste and expectation. We are most fortunate to have South Florida’s rich tapestry to draw from.

As concierges, however, we are bound by a rigorous code of ethics which prohibits our partaking in any incentive-driven, points accumulating competitions. We recommend on the basis of quality of service and a good match to our guests’ stated requests. With that in mind we are honor-bound to decline any invitations to engage in any programs that would solicit “referrals for gain” or that put us in competition with our fellow concierge.

Often times these incentive programs are part of corporate-driven, sales and marketing initiatives, over which your individual outlets may have limited-to-no control, and we are mindful that we receive these gestures indirectly. Though we are appreciative of the generosity and the thoughtful recognition they represent, our code of ethics prohibits them. An invitation to sample your fare or view your current production is quite sufficient for an authoritative referral.

Again, we are privileged to recommend the best that South Florida has to offer. It is a pleasure to do so. It also comes with responsibilities, foremost amongst them, the full compliance of all SFCA members with the code of ethics of our professional association.

Here’s to the mutual successes of our continued interaction!


Miguel Pena

President – The Southern Florida Concierge Association (SFCA)
Member – Les Clefs d’Or USA