Becoming a Concierge

Presently, the concierge is recognized as a vital part of the management team and is the primary person responsible for a positive guest experience. I can tell you that it is a terrific feeling to be at your desk and know you are making a vacation or a business trip a special and memorable event.

Most of us who are career concierges have entered the profession on a "trial-by-fire" basis. Our backgrounds are wide and varied, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to serve our guests. Multilingual capabilities are, of course, a plus. I would encourage you to simply apply for the job wherever you wish and see what happens. You just never know! Stop by and visit a concierge at his/her desk and offer to take them to lunch. Pick their brains, feel them out, ask them what they think. You will find us all very friendly and willing to share our knowledge.

The word Concierge (pronounced kon-see-ehrj) has evolved over time. It originally comes from an old French word that refers to a person who watched the door of a building. Concierge now refers to trained personnel who can solve your problems when you are within a city.

Concierges know the city very well and work hard to establish resources that could be useful to help you. Through their knowledge and contacts - locally, nationally, and internationally - Concierge have become a highly trusted resource within the finest hotels and businesses of the world.

Some Concierge Services

A Concierge is able to provide assistance with:

  • Dinner reservations
  • Car rentals
  • Theatre/music/sports event tickets
  • Outdoor activities
  • Photography
  • Shopping
  • Tours - Wine, City, Gorge, and more
  • Clothing alterations
  • Children's activities
  • Airline and train reservations
  • Parades and Festivals
  • Directions
  • Airport and Local Transportation
  • Help relocating families obtain pertinent local information
  • Notary services
  • Provide access to secretarial and office services
  • Flowers/balloons/birthday cakes/greeting cards
  • Childcare
  • Salons and Grooming
  • Massage
  • And much more!

Concierges also have information on daily events and upcoming attractions to help you better plan a fun-filled vacation or important event.